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Want to Win Big? Act Fast with an Agile CMS

Agile content management systems, or Agile CMS, support a move away from traditional page-centric or web-centric experiences to something that fits the customer lifecycle better. While Content is the Soul of customer experience (CX), Agile CMS is the heart and brain that make CX possible.

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What you'll learn

You have one chance to make a first impression, and many companies are blowing it with a generic website experience. Learn how to stand out in the digital crowd with the right Customer Experience (CX) tool: Agile CMS. Watch our video to learn: 

  • How improving your customers' experiences will improve your bottom line
  • Best practices for accelerating marketing and increasing your digital maturity
  • Tips on real-time customer engagement from leading retail brands

Who’s on the Panel

  • Soeren_Stamer

    Sören Stamer


    Sören is founder & CEO of CoreMedia, the world's most agile CMS and flexible DXP.

  • nick-smotek-headshot2.original

    Nick Smotek

    Guest Speaker

    Nick is Director, Omni Digital Technology and User Experience at Deckers Brands.

  • nick-barber-neopdf.original

    Nick Barber

    Guest Speaker

    Nick is a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, a leading global research and advisory firm.

About CoreMedia


CoreMedia is the digital experience and agile content management engine behind today’s most iconic online brands. Our flagship product, CoreMedia Content Cloud, is a flexible, composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) built on an agile CMS and advanced DAM that enables leaders in all industries to orchestrate personalized experiences and deliver them to any channel – reliably, efficiently, and at enterprise scale. Marketers, merchandisers, and developers can work collaboratively and efficiently on omnichannel experiences that drive engagement, increase loyalty, improve brand visibility, and boost revenue.

Our Customers Achieved These Results with CoreMedia Content Cloud


36% Increase in Traffic

British home improvement retailer saw their organic search traffic jump significantly after implementation.


52% Increase in Revenue

International jewelry manufacturer received a huge boost to their eCommerce revenue within 1 year of go-live.


20% increase in Conversions

Major US footwear designer recorded a meaningful increase in their online conversion rate in just 6 months.

Campaign Launch

200x Faster Campaign Launches

Numerous clients have slashed publishing times for new content-driven campaigns from days or weeks to just hours.

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