What AI chatbots can do for the digital economy

Sören Stamer, CEO and founder of CoreMedia, and Marco Zingler, managing director of denkwerk, spoke on LinkedIn about the impact of ChatGPT on agencies and their customers. Exciting insights from various customer industries and concrete use cases – from the design process to the handling of user and customer data – make it clear what is currently possible and what is not (yet).

Real transformer or simple tool?

The AI tool ChatGPT is the first major digital trend of 2023. With almost 100 million users, the AI tool is already one of the fastest growing online services of all time. Artificial intelligence is supposed to solve the most complex tasks in no time at all. The list of applications is long: it ranges from research tasks to software development to editing graphics.

At first glance, there seem to be no limits for ChatGPT. But is that really the case? Can AI solve intellectual work so easily?

"In our Ardi and Bikespector projects, we have already worked with AI in the past – and Ardi is not that far away from ChatGPT. Where it makes sense, we can and will use AI in the future."

Marco Zingler, Managing Director at denkwerk

Watch the recording (German)

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