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Last year we managed to roll-out 12 website updates. This year, after introducing CoreMedia Content Cloud, we have rolled-out 36 updates in 6 months.

Brian Fortier
Senior Project Manager

Deckers Brands

36% Increase in Traffic

British home improvement retailer saw their organic search traffic jump significantly after implementation

52% Increase in Revenue

International jewelry manufacturer received a huge boost to their eCommerce revenue within 1 year of go-live

20% Increase in Conversions

Major US footwear designer recorded a meaningful increase in their online conversion rate in just 6 months

Campaign Launches 200x Faster

Numerous clients have slashed publishing times for new content-driven campaigns from days or weeks to just hours

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Our customers achieved these results 
with CoreMedia Content Cloud:



Entertain and convince your audience with the right content at the right time, across all touchpoints. Independent of IT support



Easily integrate with 3rd party systems. Develop with simple headless APIs. Deploy quickly and benefit from our open architecture.


Increase cart value by enriching your products with compelling stories and media assets. Convert more users with personalized information in real time.

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