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SAP Commerce Cloud lacks the ability to address significant content and experience management scenarios. This eBook examines five steps enterprises can take today to ensure their CX is realigned to the new reality of commerce.  Download the eBook to learn:


  • How to to enhance enterprise content capabilities in targeted ways and position your brand for future growth.
  • What the biggest myth is when it comes to adding new functionality to commerce systems.
  • How to contain development costs and reduce time spent on customization.

Who is CoreMedia?


CoreMedia is the digital experience and content management engine behind today’s most iconic online brands. Our flagship product, CoreMedia Content Cloud,  is an open, best-of-breed, API-driven solution featuring the industry’s deepest out-of-the-box integration with SAP Commerce Cloud. Our CMS enables leaders in all industries to orchestrate personalized experiences and deliver them to any channel – reliably, efficiently, and at enterprise scale. Marketers, merchandisers, and developers use CoreMedia to orchestrate omnichannel experiences that drive engagement, increase loyalty, improve brand visibility, and boost revenue.

Companies that love CoreMedia:

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Our Customers Achieved These Results with CoreMedia Content Cloud


36% Increase in Traffic

British home improvement retailer saw their organic search traffic jump significantly after implementation.


52% Increase in Revenue

International jewelry manufacturer received a huge boost to their eCommerce revenue within 1 year of go-live.


20% increase in Conversions

Major US footwear designer recorded a meaningful increase in their online conversion rate in just 6 months.

Campaign Launch

200x Faster Campaign Launches

Numerous clients have slashed publishing times for new content-driven campaigns from days or weeks to just hours.

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